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New Construction: Foundations, Accessibility Ramps, and More in Salt Lake City

When concrete jobs are slightly more involved than flat surfaces, but less complex and final than complete custom living spaces, we call this new concrete construction. It’s more than a repair or refinish, but less than a complete custom living area. New concrete construction encompasses a wide variety of different projects, from something as simple as concrete forms and footings to be used in construction projects, to gutters, driveway aprons, and handicap accessibility ramps.

Read on to learn a little more about concrete construction, and how Buster’s Concrete can help assist in construction jobs with expert concrete services.

constructing concrete walls

What is concrete construction?

Practically every construction job or project, no matter how large or small, has used some degree of concrete elements throughout the process. The role of concrete in building can vary greatly, from serving as a foundational material to making up entire walls. Often, prefabricated concrete forms and footings are used in construction, as well. At Buster’s Concrete, we take pride in being a flexible concrete contractor. Our services are able to assist in any new construction project, no matter how large or small. Here are some of the concrete construction services we can handle:

  • Casted forms and fittings
  • Concrete walls
  • Concrete foundations
  • Handicap accessibility ramps
  • Curbs and gutters
  • Driveway and roadway aprons

Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or installing a concrete ramp on your business to stay ADA compliant, Buster’s Concrete is happy to remind you of the reason that drove us to go into the concrete business over a decade ago: “Keeping our customers happy with our service is our number one priority.”

installing concrete floor

Concrete uses in construction

Although the walls and floors of residential homes and smaller commercial buildings are often made with a combination of steel and wood, the building blocks of new construction are done with concrete. Foundations and basements are typically constructed with poured concrete, or in some cases, poured concrete blocks and bricks.

Concrete is also a crucial aspect of producing forms and footings for new structures. Our team can handle concrete castings for custom construction projects, as well as prefabricated concrete forms.

Above ground, concrete isn’t typically used in construction apart from driveway aprons and handicap accessibility ramps, although there is a construction method growing in popularity called Tilt-Up construction. Through this process, concrete is poured into a wall mold on the ground, and then tilted up to create an entire building wall in one piece—quicker and cheaper than conventional building methods.

concrete foundation

Why use us for your concrete construction needs?

Whether you’re constructing a new home or commercial building from the ground up, or doing something simple, like adding a ramp or a new curb on a property, it’s always a smart choice to use regional industry leaders for your concrete projects of any degree.

Buster’s Concrete is happy to show you how we’ve built a reputation for ourselves, with over 10 years of service as a reliable concrete contractor. If you’re in greater Salt Lake City, Weber County, or Davis County, give us a call and learn why Buster’s Concrete is the most reliable choice in the industry.

Call (801) 835-0790 For A Consultation On Your Next Project!